Preparing a Nation

For years, researchers at Pitt have been studying ways to improve the nation's security and national preparedness, but in this post-September 11 world, Pitt now is helping to lead the way against terrorism and other disasters - and change the way we look at it all. Learn more about the Center for National Preparedness.

Dynamic Discrete Disaster Decision Support System (D4S2)

Researchers at the Center have developed a simulation system to assist emergency managers during disasters. The prototype used the City of Pittsburgh as a test case. Current research is focused on deploying and testing the model on cities in Pennsylvania. For more information, click here.

Seminar Series

Spring Seminar dates and speakers announced: Register Today

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Join the Allegheny County Health Department Region 13, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). For more information, click here.

Pitt Amateur Radio Club (PARC)

The Pitt Amateur Radio Club will partner with the Center to participate in Center sponsored emergency exercises. PARC will provide simulated emergency support for local, regional and national exercises.

Critical Infrastructure Conference Results

Final Report: Report PDF
Media Coverage by WTAE Andrew Stockey:
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Exercise Success:
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The Pittsburgh Framework for Disaster Preparedness and Response

geospatial            A Dynamic Discrete Disaster Decision
           Simulation System  [read more]

First Responder Training - Immersive Virtual Enviroments

geospatial  Provides first responders with the type of situational training  and real-time information necessary to do their jobs safely  and effectively.  [read more]


visualizations  Allows the user to create distinct and meaningful  representations of large data sets that are easier to  comprehend.  [read more]